The Thrill of Getting Your Product Made… Finally!

It can be overwhelming for a new Inventor to decide to pursue their dream. Taking it from a napkin to development means the dream is about to become REAL!

We had a great time with these two, first-time Product Inventors during their kick-off phase. Little did we know that they documented their story on video.

Jon and Anton’s excitement and enthusiasm were contagious. Their humble approach and willingness to ask questions is refreshing. This combined with their GRIT is going to be the cornerstone of their success.

Their product idea is really good. Once the product is done, and our strategic plan complete, it will crack the foundation of one of the oldest product categories known to mankind.

That’s right, we don’t launch products…
we bring DISRUPTION to market!

Love it!

I’ve done this long enough to know when I meet a for sure winner – and I am excited.


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