Built to Scale. Really?

Scaling seems to be the buzzword of the moment.

Built to Scale is a popular, best selling book about creating systems that allow you to build a MONSTER business without the traditional headaches.

It’s a good idea, you know, to avoid headaches. However, psychologically, thinking about your product evolving into a MONSTER business, can be overwhelming. And overwhelming will keep you from starting at all.

Before you plan large scale, you should plan small scale.

Using Seth Godin’s advice, just think about selling your product to 10 people. Close people. People you trust and who trust you. If they share it with 10 people, you’re onto something.

Thinking small can allow you to overcome the biggest hurdle – getting started.

Besides, business is organic.

Planning for large scale in the future, will force you to choose systems that you may not want when you’re ready forĀ them.

I recommend that new inventors craft systems as needed. Utilize free task management programsĀ and sharing files freely on Google Drive. When that system becomes painful, spend a couple hours researching the next level up that you can afford.

This can be applied throughout the entire product development process. Make prototypes out of cardboard. Draw ideas on paper.

Test cheap. Test fast. Adjust.


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