BRAND MARKETING and PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT come together at Smash Factory where we apply a 4-Step Process for each product launch.


Extract a clear Vision and engineer a comprehensive Blueprint for everyone to follow. Can you imagine building a hotel without a blueprint?


The Brand and the Product should be functional, engaging and unique. Otherwise – who will care?


A smooth launch requires FLOW between operations, manufacturing, fulfillment, and marketing. If you don’t believe us, try it without FLOW.


This is where the Marketing Strategy and the Sales Funnels go to work. We quickly review analytics and revise messaging and creative to improve sales conversions.

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"From Idea to Finished Product"


Taking a product idea to market is like climbing a mountain, it can be difficult, costly and a little dangerous - that is if you think wasting all your money and making no sales is dangerous. Using an experienced Guide like Smash Factory can help you conquer that mountain.
An experienced Guide for product development & brand marketing

The product development journey is not much different than climbing a mountain.

After you determine what mountain you want to climb, you need to take inventory of your resources, choose your climbing partners and plan the route.

If you get everything just right, you're odds of success are high. If you plan poorly or make a mistake those odds drop sharply.

Shit is going to happen. That's just part of the product development process.

It helps to have an expert Guide who's traveled that mountain - and there are many competent ones out there.

Smash Factory is that cool Guide who wants to have fun, teach you along the way and get everyone to the summit safe and alive.

That's how we are different.

  • Product & Brand Design, Prototypes, Sales Strategy

  • Product Development, Brand Design, Strategy & Production

  • Brand Marketing, Sales Strategy & Execution

  • Product Versions, Sales Conversions & Stick Rate


We are a small but mighty team of experienced product marketing experts with billions of dollars worth of product launches.

We curate and manage a wide network of specialists to execute our proven strategies.

Robo Hendrickson

Director of Marketing & Creative
Robo extracts the Vision and distills it into the strategy everyone follows.

Some of the clients he has worked with: Sony HandiCam, MiniDisc, Home Theatre, WebTV, XM Satellite Radio, Charge! Energy Storage, GameStop, BlockBuster Gaming, Texas Industries, American Excelsior, Vetericyn, FullBucket, Limb Bit.

Sam Anderson

Senior Account Manager
Sam has many years of holding projects together, executing plans and making sure clients get exactly what they need.

Sam keeps a watchful eye on all our projects and helps build sales channels and corporate partnerships.

Jodi Weishaar Hendrickson

Senior Account Manager
Jodi has 10-years of marketing, sales and business leadership experience.

After stepping down as division Publisher of a multi-million dollar magazine company, she helps clients navigate the product design and build process like a ship captain.

Ron Lynch

Godfather of Infomercials
Ron has been involved in more Billion dollar product launches than most anyone on the planet. Samsung, GoPro, Rug Doctor, Back Joy, Fix-Me-Stick, SC Johnson & Invisible Glass, Breath Rox and Polish by Ryan SEacrest to name a few.

Ron provides strategic counsel on our projects and is a wizard at positioning a product for massive scale.


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