Is It Really Just A Bar Napkin?

As I sit here staring at this napkin, I wonder about the future it will bring.

On the surface, it’s just a plain, fabric napkin used to protect tabletops or clean up spills.

It tears easily if you push the ink pen too hard and can be lost in an instant.

But underneath, this is less a napkin and more an apparatus of greatness.

I’ve personally been present when this common object was transformed into a business planning tool that went on to create a $Billion dollar company – the first satellite radio business.

I’ve seen products birth and evolve in real time with added modifications from a groupthink of inventors.

Business agreements, architectural drafts and pay compensations are also in the list of cool shit that has scribbled its way to life on the skin of the napkin.

Yes, I sit here and think of the magic within such a simple object and I wonder what will become of this one.

Stay tuned to see where the Limb Bit will go…


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