February 9, 2016

About Us


The short answer – We get Inventions made and to market.

It started as a Creative & Design Studio for Hardware Inventions, but it’s gone a little off the rail.

Now it’s a hybrid – part Incubator, Vendor Directory, Advisory Council and soon to be an Education Platform.

After inventing for many years, I realized the frustrations, mistakes and “sharks” could be avoided. So, we developed a Platform for better product development, marketing and operations. 

Smash Factory started as a place to share my own Inventions and pathway to market for my Passion Projects.

I thought it might be a blog with a store, maybe incite some Investors and sell a few products. And then, another Inventor, asked if my Team could help out – and then a couple more asked and before you know it, we had Smash Factory.

Prototyping is fun.
Beer is fun.
Prototyping a beer product = EPIC!

Not wanting to start another Agency (I’ve been there, done that.) I started to assemble some friends – industrial designer kooks, product development geniuses, marketing gurus and manufacturing mavens. Kind of a Network of Professionals if you will.

One day, on my way home from a product brainstorming session in Austin, I had a VISION. Smash Factory as THE ultimate platform to connect Advisors, Inventors & Investors.

After a few phone calls and Internet searches, I quickly learned it had already been done.


But you know what? I signed up and used all those platforms. I went to the Incubators. I dug through the material on Inventor Help websites. I sat in on Seed Investor Group meetings.

And we weren’t impressed or thwarted.


The Smash Factory VISION is different. We will make Hardware Product Inventing Rock-Star Cool!

We want Investors who have a choice between dropping $50 Gs in Vegas or playing Smash Factory.

So, we began working on it.

Our Mission:

To bring to life, cool hardware product ideas that can make a difference.

How It Works:

1.) If a Product Idea is cool, can help humanity or has the potential to reach $100M in 5-Years – WE go for it!

2.) We drive that product through the Smash Factory Process – a 10-Step program to ensure success.

3.) Once the Inventor has their shit together, we film the Pitch Presentation in front of a Jury of 4 to 5 seasoned Investors. Yes, just like shark tank. Except the Smash Factory graduates will know their friggin’ numbers… The Jury’s job is to ask tough operational questions, peel back financial layers and reveal the opportunities and holes. Each Project gets a Ranking from 1 to 10.

4.) We upload the Pitch Presentation to the Internet and allow qualified Investors the opportunity to Bid. Now EVERYONE can be a Shark!

5.) We will keep a Ranking system on which Investors are the BEST based on the performance of the Product in the Marketplace.

I know, I know. It’s a big idea. But hell – I didn’t get from our family ranch to here thinking small.

Let’s Do This!

If you’ve got an Idea you think matches the criteria above, we’d love to take a look. Unlike many product invention help companies, we don’t charge to evaluate your Idea. We feel honored to be of service.

And just so you know, here at Smash Factory, you’ll have access to individuals and companies that are responsible for several Billions of dollars worth of product brands. Seriously. We tried to do the math and cannot count that high.

Our approach isn’t exactly traditional. But neither is today’s business landscape.

Smash Factory Academy

We’ve taken the best practices from all our expertise and poured them into one mold. Anyone interested in working with us here at SF has to go through those courses to get a good understanding of the product development process and what to expect.

What if I’m interested in Investing?

If you’re a Qualified Investor and we’ve got a deal that fits your needs – you bet! Give me a shout.


Can you help me with crowdfunding like Kickstarter?

In short- yes. Crowd Funding has emerged and is quickly evolving. Our Crowd Funding Advisors are the most successful there are with several million in awards.

Quick-Launch Crowd Funding:

  • Write the Strategic Brief – This guides all our messaging and creative direction.
  • Create Ecommerce & Landing Page(s) – Develop a kick-ass website experience to help capture leads and finish the sales process.
  • Pre-launch – PR and marketing to get people interested in your campaign prior to launch and build a giant list.
  • Video & Sales Copy – We have some of the best direct response marketers on the planet.
  • Offers – Define the various options.
  • Crowd Funding Visuals – The images, graphs and support material to go on the Crowd Fund page.
  • Launch Crowd Fund – We will help set up your account and develop your sales page.
  • Follow-up – Yes, there needs to be ongoing conversations with your interested customers.

So that’s Smash Factory!

Smash Factory is an online platform for Inventors, Product Launch Advisors and Investors.


How cool is that, huh!

Investor have the opportunity to watch your recorded pitches anytime they want to online and they can ask additional questions or request more information.

Smash Factory is a curated directory of business experts for marketing, sales, manufacturing, operations, fulfillment… Everything an Inventor needs to be a success.

And I’m not talking just any vendors either. (Ahem.. Alibaba)

We’ve made sure these are the best-of-the-best.

What if I don’t meet the initial criteria to be accepted?

If an Inventor is not yet ready for an official Pitch, they can sign up for the Smash Factory Academy and get their ducks in a row.

So, what makes Smash Factory special?

  • Advisors with over $1 Billion in sales
  • Business support through the Advisor network
  • The Giving Back platform where we micro-fund ideas that help humanity
  • And it’s gonna be fun! Smash Factory is smashing the antiquated methods of product creation.

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