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February 9, 2016


Smash Factory is not a single vendor, we are a network. A platform that connects Advisors, Inventors and Investors. We have curated a select army of product development experts to meet your specific needs.

Smash Factory is a directory of product geeks, marketing crazies, manufacturing boutiques and project managing mo-fos who’d rather launch than ski. We invest our skills in startups and product businesses of all sizes.

At your fingertips, you have access to individuals and companies that are responsible for $ Billions of dollars worth of product brands. Seriously. We tried to do the math and cannot count that high.

Our approach isn’t exactly traditional. But neither is today’s business landscape.


Aw man! Isn’t that cute? You have an idea. The question is, are you strong enough to execute?

I don’t mean to be ugly. I just want to point out that the secret sauce for success is NOT the idea; it’s the people behind it. It’s your ability to put together a solid, successful team that can deliver.

Smash Factory works at product launch from 12 Phase program:

  1. Idea and Inventor evaluation
  2. Market Potential: Evaluation, positioning and business model creation (sell or license strategies)
  3. Funding strategies: Crowd Funding platforms and Investor networks
  4. Design & Development: Product Design and Manufacturing
  5. IP protection: We can guide you to the right people. Trust us, you’ll want that.
  6. Business structures: Again, we have vetted resources.
  7. Marketing & Sales: Branding, marketing & sales planning
  8. Creative: Videos, Sales Copy, Design, Packaging, 
  9. Pitching: For those looking to find Investors.
  10. Operations and Accounting:
  11. Team Building: You need the best people to slay a market.
  12. Fulfillment and Customer Support: Usually overlooked.

What if I’m interested in Investing?

Investors, intelligent investors, like to invest in products and market niches that they know and can help with making a success.

In 2013 $20.1 Billion was invested by Angel investors.

Is estimated that there was another $30 Billion left on the table due to lack of investment choices.

The pool of investment opportunities is limited by so many things… Most private investment is made in a small geographic area. And most product inventors and entrepreneurs don’t know the process and are ill-prepared for a professional pitch.

The traditional investment system – brokers, dealers and promoters – are slow to change and behind in technology.

Angel investors typically find opportunities the same way they have for several decades. Angel groups or investor networks, Associations, investment brokers, bankers and accountants.

It’s mostly word of mouth, in your local area and closed to a small network of people. This limits the Angel investor’s access to a multitude of deals.

At the same time there are some really interesting events happening in the Angel investment space.

The JOBs act passed congress and goes into effect (uhm) sometime in 2017.

It lowers the standard for Investors to participate in equity deals. Currently only accredited Investors ($1 Million net worth, $250+ annual household income) can be solicited to for good equity deals. The new laws will allow for more investors to participate in the small business sector.

Can you help me with crowdfunding like Kickstarter?

Crowd Funding has emerged and is quickly evolving.

Online platforms such as KickStarter, IndieGoGo and KickFurther have become overnight sensations.

What we do:

  • Strategic Brief – This guides all our messaging and creative direction.
  • Ecommerce & Landing Page(s) – Develop a kick-ass website experience to help capture leads and finish the sales process.
  • Pre-launch – PR and marketing to get people interested in your campaign prior to launch.
  • Video & Sales Copy – We have some of the best direct response marketers on the planet.
  • Offers – Define the various options.
  • Crowd Funding Visuals – The images, graphs and support material to go on the Crowd Fund page.
  • Launch Crowd Fund – We will help set up your account and develop your sales page.
  • Follow-up – Yes, there needs to be ongoing conversations with your interested customers.

So that’s Smash Factory!

Smash Factory is an online platform for Inventors, Product Launch Advisors and Investors.

So How Does It Work?

Step 1: You apply and receive network approval based on market viability.

Step 2: We conduct a 1-hour phone or Zoom interview. We’ll want to know about your idea, the market potential, your experience, budget and what stage your idea is. We provide usable, actionable advice at this stage.

Step 3: Provide you with an outline of expectations and a proposal based on those agreed items. If you agree to work with us, we’ll forward a timeline as well.

Step 4: Assign you an Advisor and Get to work. Depending on what stage of development you’re in, we choose an Advisor that has experience in your industry.

Step 5: Marketing and Sales. Develop a strategic blueprint that will be followed throughout the lifecycle of your idea development.

Step 6: Operations. Who’s going to manufacture? What’s my Break-Even? What about fulfillment? We need an accountant! These are all items that will be be addressed.

Step 7: Launch.  Best Day Ever! We push all your content live and adjust the program as the metrics come in.

How cool is that, huh!

Investor have the opportunity to watch your recorded pitches anytime they want to online and they can ask additional questions or request more information.

Smash Factory is a curated directory of business experts for marketing, sales, manufacturing, operations, fulfillment… Everything an Inventor needs to be a success.

And I’m not talking just any vendors either. (Ahem.. Alibaba)

We’ve made sure these are the best-of-the-best.

What if I don’t meet the initial criteria to be accepted?

If an Inventor is not yet ready for an official Pitch, they can sign up for an Advisor to help develop their idea until it’s commercially viable.

So, what makes Smash Factory special?

  • Advisors with over $1 Billion in sales
  • Business support through the Advisor network
  • The Giving Back platform where we micro-fund ideas that help humanity
  • And it’s gonna be fun! Smash Factory is smashing the antiquated methods of product creation.


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