Limb Bit Phase 3 Launch

Ahhhhh, the joys of product development – the good, bad and ugly.

Reaching the end of any phase of a project is a major highlight. And it’s a highlight starting the next phase.

But in the middle of the phases it gets to be somewhat work. Grinding out the processes and completing what are some mundane tasks.

However, once in a while there is a highlight within. And one of my favorites is when we are working on the branding and investor presentations for the invention.

That usually comes in Phase 2 and sometimes Phase 3 depending on the strategy and life-cycle of the product.

Anyhow I’ll cut through the bullshit dialog and get right to it.

The Limb Bit logo is cool thanks to who also came up with the go-to-market strategy.

They also worked with Lokal House Media developing the Investor Presentation Video.

Give it a watch, it’s really well done. Good job Team!!


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