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Everything starts with the Discovery phase where we extract the VISION and create an execution plan for both the product development and the brand marketing. 


• Production Blueprint
• Marketing Blueprint

"Smash Factory spent way more time and energy than any of our previous vendors to determine the perfect strategy. And let me tell you, it's really paid off."
Anton Roise
DRAGN Grills


When design is created for the Product and Brand in tandem, it delivers maximum impact for the customer which improves the overall experience and chance for sales success.


• Product Design, Concept Drawings and Prototypes
• Brand Design, Packaging, POS, Website and Customer Experience

"We love the product design and the way our overall brand looks. It's just so different and better than anything else in our market."
Dr. JD Conway
Limb Bit


“Success is in the details.”
Managing the details for quality, timeliness and consistency is often the most important but overlooked job of bringing a product to life. 


• Manufacturing, Distribution and Fulfillment
• eCommerce Websites, Sales Materials, Sales Videos, Copywriting, Advertising and Placement 

"I didn't pursue my new product ideas because the manufacturing process was intimidating. Robo and his team made me feel empowered and I learned a TON!"
Mike Brown


Once the product and brand strategy are completed, the work has just begun. Testing assumptions and rethinking based off real customer input and data analytics are important for improvements and additions.


•  A/B Split Testing, Customer Focus Groups, Product Forums, Accessories, Product Upgrades


A FREE one hour meeting to discuss your project and how we might be a fit.


We extract your Vision with a one-day, deep dive session and delve into the target market, product features and market differentiation.


We develop the Brand Marketing and Production Blueprints for everyone to follow on both the Marketing and Product sides.


We think that DESIGN should elevate the human experience. This applies to the product and all supporting elements.


Once the plans are done, it's time to start the execution. The designs, prototypes, websites and all other assets are built.


"Teach a man to fish..." We teach you how the entire process works from validating the idea to go-to-market.