Who Is The Inventor?

Who sees the necessity and brings forth a light of hope? Who dares break the rules of nature to improve upon our situation?

The evolution of man is gauged not as much by physical stature as it is by our inventions.

The club, the knife, the bed, the fire pit are the markers of our beginnings.

The microwave, the cell phone case, the baby bottle and this thing…

whatever this thing is…

are the milestones of our progress.


Who is the inventor?


Who took the time to see the problem and do the thinking

and then do the doing so we could have a better way?


Inventions are objects, yes. But they are so much more than objects.

They are obvious in our homes and in our work and in our play.

Or sometimes NOT so obvious. Invisible in our machines and routines.


Who brought to life the doohickeys that save lives,

provide comfort,

avoid discomfort,

deliver sustenance or… just hold shit.


Who is the inventor?


Who simplified that way that, at one time, was so damn hard?

Who shortened the time it took,

removed the extra step,

added the missing part that the original manufacturer should have added in the first place!?


Who is the inventor?


The inventor is the Mom who only had two hands,

the factory worker who used the machine everyday,

the girl who used two completely unrelated objects and combined them to give birth to a whole new solution.


Necessity is the mother of invention and the inventor is the father. Inventing is the manifestation of what it is to be human.


You are the Inventor


and the world is waiting for your thingy – so get to work!

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