Pile Up The Ideas

I asked some of the most successful inventors, designers and product developers what the key is to discovering a GREAT idea. They had many and various answers. However, the most common answer was: Have lots of bad ideas. It seems odd that people at this level would mention bad ideas but once broken down, it[…]

My Search For An 8-Figure Business

The sign was intriguing.

8-Figure Domination!

How to Build an 8 Figure Business in 10 weeks!


Wow. Wonder what the hell that means?

I been in business for a while. But never heard reference of “FIGURE” businesses before this whole Internet Marketing game got popular.

Go from 4 to 5 figures in 6 Easy Steps!

Scale Your 1 Figure Business To 10 Figures!!

Turn That 6 Figure Frown Upside Down!!!


I made that last one up. It’s not really a thing – (yet.)

As much as I’ve seen the ads telling me how important a 7, 8, 9 or even 10 Figure business is to have these days, I’m starting to doubt my methods.

I’ve always looked at my business health in revenues and profits. Is that no longer cool?


Is It Really Just A Bar Napkin?

As I sit here staring at this napkin, I wonder about the future it will bring. On the surface, it’s just a plain, fabric napkin used to protect tabletops or clean up spills. It tears easily if you push the ink pen too hard and can be lost in an instant. But underneath, this is[…]

Is My Idea Shit?

“Hey I was wondering if you had time for a beer? I’ve got this new idea and I wanted to run it by you.” First of all, you had me at beer. Second, I’m not sure I’ll be of any help. But yeah, OK for the beer. Everyone needs validation. We want to know if[…]